Our Services

General construction services with a positive reputation, strong customer relation and safety standards. Providing experience and expertise to your job. Whatever the task, we have the skills and means to get the job done. Commercial or Residential, we are the construction company for you. Insured and Bonded, licensed underground fire line installers, Licensed Austin R-O-W Construction Contractor, OSSF I installer license, Registered with Better Business Bureau, Registered Small Business, Registered SAM contractor.

construction1JBS Underground specializes in the following areas – General Construction Services, Boring, Drilling, Concrete, Backfill, Digging, Ditching, Road Grading, Culverts, Box Culverts, Cofferdams, Fire Hydrants, Fire Lines, Excavation (Rock, sand, dirt). We also provide Site clearing, Site Leveling, Sloping, Retention Ponds, Retaining Walls, Utility services, Utility taps, Manholes, Utility Vaults, Meter, Valves, Back-flow preventers, Steal Pipe, PVC, Polly, Ductile Iron, Reinforced Concrete Pipe.

Additional Services

Site Work:

Excavation, Clearing, Grading, Demolition and Removal

Utilities Services:

Water, Waste Water (Gravity or Force), Storm, French Drains, Electrical conduit, Communication conduit, Inlets, Manholes, Retention Ponds

Underground Fire Systems:

Dry Lines, Wet Lines, Building Risers, Fire Hydrants, Underground restrained piping, FDC connections, Remote FDC connections, Intake systems (pond or tank).

Concrete Work:

Sidewalks, Curbs, Foundations, parking lots, Retaining Walls

Septic Work (OSSF I):

Authorized to install standard OSSF systems: (septic tanks, absorptive drain fields, unlined ET drain fields, leaching chambers, gravel-less pipe, and pumped effluent drain fields).